High Fire Bodies

White Bodies
Slips and Engobes

I have a tendency to collect clay body recipes. I have always been fascinated by
the ways, in which people mix and utilize their clays. I am incredibly fond of all
cone 9/10-clay recipes. In particular, I enjoy collecting porcelain bodies. In these
pages are most of the bodies that I have collected. If you have any you would
like to send, I would gladly include them in this page.

General Rules for all Clay and Glaze Processes:

  1. A respirator must be worn at all times when you are using ceramic chemicals.
  2. A copy of all Material Safety Data Sheets must be available and read
    before mixing any material.
  3. Lab Safety Glasses must be worn when using any chemicals and power
  4. Rubber Gloves must be worn when working with Glaze Chemicals.
  5. Clearly label all of your work! Note on your containers the type of
    material and the firing temperature.
  6. Please clean up the Mixing Room when you are done for the day.
  7. To be safe, clays and glazes that contain Barium Carbonate should not
    be used for functional pottery.
  8. To be safe, use only a white liner glaze on the inside of "work horse"
    functional pottery.
  9. To be safe, before firing a glaze on a whole piece run a couple of test
    tiles through another firing to make sure the glaze will not cause damage
    to your kiln.
  10. Ask questions!
  11. A high fire glaze designed for functional work is only functional if the clay
    body is vitrified.

Some High Fire Truisms:

  1. To make functional art one must be a functional human being.
  2. Gary and Daphne Hatcher are real human beings.
  3. Your true personality comes out in your work.
  4. Don't deny your personality.
  5. White heat is not too hot for some!
  6. If you're throwing skills need improvement, mix up some porcelain and
    try throwing some 10-inch cylinders. After a week of porcelain, go back
    to what you were using. Watch the change.
  7. A good wood kiln is a good friend.
  8. Koniophobia is the fear of dust.
  9. Myxophobia is the fear of slimy things.
  10. Ideophobia is the fear of ideas.
  11. Don't be afraid of dust, slimy things, nor ideas.